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This policy is the "default one". If no Activity Review Policy have been locally defined on a Vikidia project, it will be applied.


Secure the Vikidia projects and preventing the risk of inactive accounts with advanced rights accounts to be stolen.

For clarity advanced rights holders mentioned in this policy are:

  • Administrators
  • Bureaucrats
  • Check users
  • Bots


Advanced rights holders inactive for more than one complete year (365 days) will see their advanced rights suspended by a bureaucrat or if no bureaucrat is present on the project, by a system administrator.

Suspended rights holders can regain their suspended rights by requesting them to a bureaucrat.

In the specific case of global rights holders, if they are suspended on their "home wiki", their global permissions are also removed. Are considered as "global permissions" the permissions granted for maintenance/emergency purpose without a local community consultation (vote).

Local Sysop Activity Review Policies

The following projects have defined their own Activity Review Policy that will override the one described on the current page: