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AttentionThis page is a translation of fr:Vikidia:Association Vikidia/AG 2020 and may not be up to date .Attention

Hello everyone, association member or not, child or grown-up, and welcome on this page.

Vikidia Board of Trustee is proud to announce you the 2020 General Meeting

For those who don't know well what it means, it's an opportunity for association's members to meet, and mostly to see and hear the Board of Trustee, led by its Office (President, Secretary, Treasurer) presenting the situation and the evolution of the association, ongoing and planned actions. They also present the financial situation and the projects. Members validate or not the presentations, the results and the projects and take decisions on the questions that have been submitted to them. For that, they discuss during this meeting and even before. They also designate the new members of the Board of Trustee to renew, replace or extend the team during a vote.

Any member with an active subscription can attend to the Meeting and be candidate to the Board of Trustee.

Sympathizers who do not wan't to subcribe can attend to the Meeting. However, they cannot vote nor participate to debates, they are just allowed to listen.

Date, place and program

This year, the General Meeting will be online on October 17th, 2020 2h00 PM CEST and will occur on Vikidia's Discord Join the chat)

How to subscribe ?

If you aren't yet subscriber, or if your subscription has expired, don't worry you have until September 17th, 2020 to do it. Just go on Galette to subscribe. Since the last year, the subscription fee is 5 euros.

To be able to vote, you need to be member atleast one month before the Meeting, so before September 17th, 2020 (so at last September 16th, 2019, 11:59 PM).

General Meeting Agenda

If you want a question to be discussed, ask it on discussion page on French Vikidia (your question will be translated if needed), even if you can't attend to the Meeting.

Application to Board of Trustee

Applicants to Board of Trustee must submit by mail their application atleast one month before the General Meeting, so before September 17th, 2020.

Email :

Received and validated applications will be listed at : Vikidia:Association Vikidia/AG 2020/Candidatures